Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use ShowUp?

How do I find an organization?

Use ShowUp’s interface to find an organization that supports a concern that matters to you in a way you think is important. If you don’t find an organization that stands out to you among ShowUp’s featured organizations, use the search field to tap into ShowUp’s database of 1.7M nonprofit organizations across the world.

Using the search field:

Broaden your search by entering an organization name, or a broad term about your concern, eg. ‘Climate,’ ‘Voting,’ ‘Racial Justice.’ You can also add a zip code alongside the term to geo-locate an organization in your touring markets, or hometown.

How do I select an organization?

Use the select button underneath the organization description.

How long should my campaign be?

You can create 24 hour campaigns tied to supporting local organizations in your tour markets. Or you can create a week-long campaign supporting a cause and organization important to you. You can create a longer campaign, but success with that requires more commitment and a bit more strategy on your part. The success of your campaign will be less about how long it is, then how often you will comfortably communicate with your fans about it, in a way that feels good to you.

How do I choose my monetary goal? Is this optional?

Choosing a goal for your campaign is optional. The plus-side of a monetary goal is that you can use this to return to fans with new messaging about the campaign, eg: ‘We are ¾ of the way there!” which has proven to be an effective way to help a campaign. The down-side is attempting to gauge what may be a realistic goal. This will obviously vary widely depending on the size of your fanbase and your follower count. When in doubt, take the number you have in mind and cut it in half. Your campaign will continue if you exceed your goal, so you will not be leaving anything on the table.

Sharing your campaign with your fans:

ShowUp has generated a handful of unique assets to help you draw attention and guide a successful campaign. Share them in every space you and your fans communicate; socials, sites, channels, posts, emails, etc.

What do I have to do?

The critical asset to share is the campaign link, listed at the top of your profile page. This link contains specific metadata related to your campaign and is the link that ensures payment will pass from your fans directly to the organization. Put this link as your link in bio and or/connect it to the other post and story assets we have created for you that are found on the same page. On their own the image assets look nice, but they have no payment passthrough ability. The link is the only asset that will process donations.

How do I know how well my Fan's ShowUp campaign is going?

Your campaign will update in real time on your profile page`

What happens at the end of a campaign?

Your campaign will complete on the day you elect it to end. Your completed campaign will remain visible, and inactive on your profile page.

Can I stop my campaign early?

Yes, you can do this from your dashboard when logged in.


Does ShowUp charge artists a fee to create campaigns? Does ShowUp take a percentage of an artist's fundraising campaign?

No. ShowUp does not charge artists any fees to sign up or create campaigns on the platform. ShowUp does not take any percentage of funds from an artist's campaigns.

Does ShowUp charge a fee to nonprofit organizations?

No, ShowUp does not charge any fees to organizations who receive donations through the platform.

How much of my donation goes to the organization?

The organization receives 100% of your donation minus a variable percent which covers standard credit card and processing fees that get passed along to the receiving organization. This is standard in giving platforms, and unlike other giving options in the space, ShowUp does not add any additional service charges to nonprofit organizations on top of these transaction fees. Passing along processing fees to organizations ensures that ShowUp doesn't lose money every time we raise money for an organization.

Is ShowUp a nonprofit organization?

No, ShowUp is C. Corp. whose mission it is to drive and scale fundraising to nonprofits.

How does ShowUp make money?

ShowUp relies primarily on the generosity of those donating to our campaigns, who have the option to add a tip to ShowUp to ensure we can continue to provide this service to users.


How does ShowUp choose its featured organizations?

ShowUp relies on a team of movement leaders to find and surface organizations operating at local, state, federal, and international scale. Organizations are not charged a fee to be featured on ShowUp.

Can I submit an organization for consideration?

Yes you can, but first: Please search for the organization using our search field to ensure it is not already in our database. If an organization is not already in our database, we and our partners will investigate the organization to see if it meets the compliance standards to be added to our database. Please send the organization's name to [email protected].

How do I know that an organization I am creating a campaign for, or donating to, is legit?

Every organization featured or found on ShowUp has been vetted to ensure up-to-date compliance of current 501c3 or equivalent standards in the organization's home territory. If an organization falls out of compliance they are automatically deleted from our database.

Are you affiliated with, and do you endorse any of the organizations presented on ShowUp?

ShowUp is not affiliated with, nor do we endorse, any of the organizations we surface on the platform. We do our best to select organizations with integrity that are serving at-risk communities and/or ideas.

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